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ANTONELLO FORGIONE Surgeon with decennial experience, well known in the international medical community for his efforts towards innovation and adoption of minimal invasive techniques and technologies. Scientific Director of the AIMS Academy he is Consultant in General Surgery at Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital in Milano. He holds a PhD and received a Global Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi. Dr Forgione is Fellow of the American College of Surgeon and currently CEO of ValueBioTech.

LOUIS JAUVTIS Mechanical Engineer graduated at the Johns Hopkins University – Baltimore, he is actually based in Switzerland where he works in the precision micro-machining and micro-assembly field. He has long experience in the development of miniature motorized mechanisms for medical devices.

AVI ALIMAN Entrepreneur with successful track record of initiatives launched and sold in USA, Russia, Europe and proven experience in raising financing for small / medium sized enterprise among private investors & funds. He received a Global Executive MBA from SDA Bocconi.

RENZO ZALTIERI Engineer with 30 years of experience in the Mechatronic field is specialized in prototype realization. His current focus is in the integration of software and A.I. with micromechanics.

AIMS ACADEMY founded and led by Prof Raffaele Pugliese, is among the few worldwide renewed Surgical Academies devoted to advanced training in minimal invasive surgery. AIMS Academy contributes to the progress of surgical science through research,validation and teaching of innovative surgical techniques and technologies.

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