“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

This is the inspiration that has driven our work, right from the very start.

Our Mission: to put human beings at the center of surgical intervention

Our Vision: to carry out painless and scar-free surgery accessible to everyone

Our Project: M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform (Minimal Invasive Light Automatic Natural Orifice)

Our founder and CEO: Antonello Forgione: Dr. Antonello Forgione

    • General surgeon with 25+ years of experience
    • Consultant for Oncology & Minimally Invasive Surgery at Ca’ Granda Niguarda Hospital in Milan
    • Co-director of the Advanced Colorectal Minimal Invasive and Robotic Training Program at Ircad Strasbourg
    • Among the first surgeons in the world to perform minimally invasive abdominal surgery without leaving scars


minimally invasive surgery patients


  • Increased accessibility to painless scar-free surgery
  • Shorter hospitalization time
  • Reduction of intra & post operative complication

minimally invasive surgery doctor


  • Reduced strain and fatigue due to the ergonomic position
  • Better view of the surgical site (increased visibility by 60%)
  • 50% faster learning curve

minimally invasive surgery hospital


  • Transportable robots – 90% lighter than its competitors
  • Competitive and affordable costs, even for smaller hospitals
  • Quick setup of the robot in just 5 minutes



  • Reduced water and chemicals used for sterilization and cleaning
  • Reduced special surgical waste
  • Reduced use of antibiotics


The opportunity for a surgery that can transform an operation into a more comfortable, painless, and scar-free experience should be accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately, this is not the case today: current available robotic systems are not tailored to this type of surgery. They are expensive and difficult to use not only for surgeons but also for hospital facilities.

Valuebiotech’s goal is to implement a democratization process of minimally invasive robotic surgery, and give accessibility to these innovative techniques to every patient and surgeon. With M.I.L.A.N.O Robotic Platform, we ensure economic sustainability in healthcare facilities, helping to reduce the disparities between private clinics and public hospitals, in cities and small towns (and those between different countries around the world).

Each product on the platform is formulated in a way that can be accessible everywhere and was created to perform interventions in both roboscopic and robotic techniques.

Choosing M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform means having a modular robot that interacts with the surgeon in a new and natural way and is characterized by its small dimensions, making it suitable for any operating room.

An ad hoc training provided by Valuebiotech Academy allows each surgeon to implement rapidly the best and the most advanced minimally invasive surgery techniques.


The current interaction between surgeons and staff in the operating room requires uninterrupted communication, which is essential for the proper conduct of intervention and the constant monitoring of the patient’s condition.

It is common practice that communication takes place on two levels: one between the surgeons; and the other between surgeons, anesthetists and nursing staff.

In traditional techniques, during an intervention, the operating table is surrounded by staff and the operatory room is also filled with doctors and other operating room staff working very close to each other.

During robotic surgery operations, the surgeon is seated at a control console at a distance from the operating room staff. This distance creates significant changes in the complex dynamics of intervention.

Not only that: the large dimensions of the surgical robots currently on the market lead to greater distances from the patient and operating room staff, causing further complications in ordinary intervention management (as well as any unforeseen events).

M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform tailors to these operating room dynamics, taking into account that this complex environment where surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses’ relationships, movements, words, and gestures must be in unison. M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform offers a lighter-weight and smaller-dimensioned robot with a more effective user interface and modularity in models designed to respond to the specific needs of each patient, surgeon, operating room, and intervention.

Stability, dexterity, precision, and safety: these are the guarantees of M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform robots, designed to interact with the surgeon impeccably and completely natural.


In addition to size, there are other barriers to surgical robot implementation in clinics and hospitals: weight, cost and maintenance expenses.

Prices range from 1.5 – 2 million euros per robot, with an average weight of 300-400 kg (up to 1,000 kg with the control console included).

Meaning that once purchased, robots and consoles no longer move from the operating room where they were installed, limiting the number of interventions that can be carried out during the day and making it impossible to use them for urgent operations.

M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform by Valuebiotech presents an innovative solution that overcomes both problems.

Smaller and lighter-weight, the robot is easily transportable between multiple operating rooms so surgeons are able to use it more frequently.

Competitive costs and innovative purchasing methods in the sector, such as the pay-per-use formula or the loan for use, also break down the barrier of economic sustainability, a crucial point in every hospital budget.

The democratization of minimally invasive surgery is now possible through M.I.L.A.N.O. Robotic Platform by Valuebiotech: smaller, more agile, modular, user-friendly robots, economically accessible to every hospital, public or private.